Where it All Started

My father has always run his own business. One of the most important lessons I learned from him was that consistency of purpose is key. If there was something that I wanted to achieve, build it from ground up. Have a serial entrepreneurial spirit and believing that everyone has value are key to what makes life interesting.

I like to think I tripped and fell into the love of business. As a kid I was determined to set my own path and not follow in my parents footsteps, I just didn’t realize how fascinating that path was going to be. From figuring out how people work, to trying to solve problems that people encounter everyday by providing a service or product that could help, they just didn’t know it yet! I remember sitting with my mom telling her how we could put together a business sewing socks for birds in the winter, as clearly their feet are freezing, and they must need some warmth! Or trying to convince my parents that turning our backyard into the most amazing doggy day care the province has ever laid eyes on was a brilliant idea! People would love to bring their fur-babies to our place because we would love them like our own. Nothing ever came of those ideas (although I still say they were brilliant), they sparked a need that fueled my drive through my schooling career, into my internships, later on into my work and now my own business.

After making the decision to get my Bachelor of Business Administration degree I fell in love with marketing. Although I am not a big fan of sales and think it takes a special talent to be able to handle that type of job, I like to take a step back from the front lines and figure out how everything works and in the end help people choose which product or service is exactly right for them.

I always hated how businesses never lived up to the expectations that they set out. The term “smoke and mirrors” makes my skin crawl. What is the point of operating your business through a smoke screen when what you are offering should be able to stand on its own and shine. Why should a business not be up front about what they can handle ensuring that the projects they do take on can exceed their customer expectations one hundred fold.

This is why I believe in what I like to call modern marketing. People can so easily see through the smoke and mirrors with all the information that is available, that marketing with honesty is and hopefully always will be the best policy. Why not instead put your best face forward and tell your customers exactly whats what. It’s incredibly refreshing.

  • Looking back on the experience that I have gained in my work I have learned a few very valuable lessons:
  • Success comes from honest relationships with your customers.
  • Operating a business through smoke and mirrors will ultimately fail.
  • It is not all about you… Customers understand how a service or product can benefit them, so put your customers first.
  • Having a one sided conversation never works. Embrace honest communication.
  • Inspiring and sharing knowledge will gain trust.
  • Remembering that each and every one of us has something unique to offer is important.
  • Not giving up is half the battle. The other half is determination.
  • As Ron Burgundy says “Stay Classy San Diego”
  • Giving back is the key to making the world go round.

It’s my goal to put these lessons into practice everyday.