Moxie Marketing’s Top 3 Tips

People are busy, people are overwhelmed, people are overloaded. We’re here to help you navigate through the social media time warp. Short on time and want to get to the point? Check out our tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) at the bottom.

Social media; some love it, some hate it, some have it mastered and some have yet to figure out the almighty algorithms. Here are our top tips to follow to make sure you’re spending your time and money wisely. Living in BC, time is precious, those mountains are just waiting to be explored.

Your Customer.

Our top tip is the long standing marketing traditional that many of us gloss over: figuring out who your target customers are. Why is this so important? Have you ever told a story and you can visually see the other person’s eyes gloss over? This happens in social media everywhere. We’re too busy standing there telling our story that we don’t realize we’re telling it to the wrong crowd. With so many social media channels, which are best for you? Here’s a little cheat sheet to get you started on that decision. From there, narrow down your top 3 personas of your business. I like to give them a name. For example, Hi, my name is Jim, I’m a small motel owner in the mountain town of Revelstoke, BC who loves to ski and golf. I’m passionate about keeping things clean and providing the best sleep to my customers. This gives us a starting point to what Jim would be reading and where he spends his time online.

Your Story.

Become a story teller of truth. Have you ever booked a hotel, the website looked beautiful, the Instagram images were so compelling, and then you arrived at the destination and it was not at all like the pictures. What a let down! Each and every one of you has something uniquely you to offer. Sing that from the mountain tops. Make it true. Make it real. And make your social media a visual storyboard about what you have to offer the world. Think of your feed like a shop, your story board the inside scoop and your videos and reels the life of your business. Don’t forget to make your life easy and use resources such as Hootsuite or Planoly to batch schedule your social posts. There’s no point stressing every day about what to post. There’s an app for that!

Your Experience.

Tourism towns boast some of the best experiences for visitors. There’s so much to do and see. Travellers plan where they want to go based on the destination not just your establishment. So why not take advantage of that joint connection with other businesses? Join together and do a joint live on Instagram to gain access to additional followers. The interweb algorithms will love you for it! Or plan a sidewalk experience and band together.