Overcoming Stress and Spurring Motivation

One of the things I find most difficult about working from home and managing multiple clients is taking the time to focus on my own business. Not only that, but I find I am often too close to Moxie Marketing that it seems to take me 10 times as long to complete anything for Moxie then it does for my clients. This is why I firmly believe that hiring out your marketing services is the way to go. Too often we get sucked into trying to make everything perfect or are terrified about putting some new out to the world. If someone is taking care of these things for you, it’s the ultimate push to getting things completed in a timely manner and in a way that not only your customers will understand but a way that you can be proud of as well, without going back and forth a million and one times!

I’ve been a bit stuck in a rut this past year with my own marketing and have finally grabbed ahold of that shovel and began to dig and create a path to the sunshine. So while I was digging away, I thought that I’d write down a few of the things that have really helped me overcome stress and spur that motivation so that you can give these a try and be inspired just as I was/am.

Vision Session.
I’m a very visual person and plans and pictures help me more then I can express. I finally sat down and revised my business plan. It was very freestyle, which was refreshing. All of my goals and visions that I have for my business came pouring out. From there it was easy to drop them into an easy to accomplish task list so that I didn’t get overwhelmed.

I also love checklists. There’s something so satisfying about crossing things off of a list. I created an easily manageable checklist to make sure I stay on top of all of the action items that need to be completed. Breaking tasks down into bite sized chunks makes the list crossing fun and keeps me accountable.

Outdoor Therapy.
I believe I’ve said this before, and I can’t stress this enough, especially as the weather starts to turn towards sunny warm days, getting outside is incredibly important. There’s just something so healing and inspiring about being outdoors. Whether working in a garden, taking the dog for a walk or flying down a mountain on a bike, just being outside is refreshing. Whenever I’m stumped a quick stretch outside clears away the cob webs.

Office Redesign.
I’ve also decided to redesign my office. If I was feeling uninspired, I figure I need a space that is as inspiring as the marketing plans I come up with for my clients. More on my office redesign in the coming weeks.

In the end I realized that I needed to be excited about my business again and by creating a new vision and values for Moxie, I became re-energized and more excited about before. I have a passion for helping others and if I can make them shine, well that just makes me smile.

Your actionable this week: Make a vision board. It can be as simple as writing down your top goals for your business.

I’d love for you to leave a comment and share some of the processes that keep you on track and motivated.