A New (and Surprising!) Tool to Add to your Business Strategy and Marketing Toolkit

One thing that’s undeniable is that every business owner/leader gets overwhelmed, has a to-do list out the door and loses track of their business’s/nonprofit’s vision from time to time … especially when they’ve been in the same role or organization for a number of years!

Can you relate? 

If so, this doesn’t make you bad at what you do, you’re simply human (haha, welcome to the club!)

When you do the same thing, day in and day out, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, come up with new and creative ideas, and develop innovative solutions to problems and roadblocks…

Which is kind of a huge problem for your work satisfaction and your business’s/nonprofit’s growth, don’t you think?!

So besides taking a few-weeks-long vacation (however lovely that may be!), what else can you do to reignite your inspiration, see fresh perspectives on old challenges, and create business and marketing strategies that feel deeply aligned?

Breathwork, my friend.

Not familiar with breathwork? It’s a technique that invites you to consciously control and change your breathing pattern – for example, you might be asked to breathe in sharply three times, hold your breath for two seconds, and then release it slowly. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Breathwork helps you:

  • Turn down the volume of your busy mind, and create mental space for clarity and innovative ideas 
  • Move from your logic, into your creativity
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Relax, release stress and regulate your nervous system
  • Reduce your risk of burnout 
  • Increase resilience and resourcefulness
  • Connect with your body, truth and values.

If this is a new concept to you, I know it may sound a little ‘woo’ but hand-on-heart, my life and my work have been changed through the power that is breathwork…

And I’ve had the biggest a-ha’s of my existence and filled notebooks with inspired ‘downloads’, on the backend of breathwork sessions. 

Breathwork truly is life changing – both personally and professionally.

If you think about it, people most commonly run their businesses/nonprofits from their minds.

They do what makes sense, has worked in the past (for themselves and others) and what they think will logically move them from A to B.

And while this is fine and some might even say necessary, this approach can be unhelpful when the minds that are running the show and doing the strategizing are on auto-pilot, or frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed…

Because who on Earth makes the greatest decisions when they’re in that state, right?

This is where breathwork comes in, and is a fantastic practice to do before you and your team dive into strategy mode – because it gets you out of your head and into your body (which, whether you realize it or not, holds a lot of wisdom!); stimulates your creativity; and helps you see new and innovative possibilities.

Curious to give breathwork a go and see what all the fuss is about?

I’m running monthly ‘Breathwork for Breakthroughs’ sessions on Zoom and in person, and would love to have you (and your team!) there.

These sessions are only open to humans, like you, who are on a mission to change the world, starting from the inside out – so you can rest assured you’ll be in good company. Newbies and experienced breathworkers are welcome.

Learn more and book your spot here.