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Websites & Digital: Designing destinations & experiences you can be proud of.

A seamless experience between the real and digital worlds is a must for your brand.

We were there at the advent of modern digital design, working with the first UX (user experience) teams in London, UK and bringing some of the most exciting brick & mortar businesses online. We’ve trained countless teams in digital process so we know a thing or two about the world of tech. We’re super excited to offer this experience to our clients and take the relevant pieces to give our mountain town communities the digital prowess they deserve.

Moxie Marketing, Revelstoke Web Design
Digital Marketing Strategist Maggie Spizzirri reviewing a social media strategy


Digital Strategy

Do you actually need a website? Should you have an app? What’s the real value to your customer and what will actually move the needle in terms of sales? These are all big, juicy questions that we’ll be asking and answering. Implementing a website is all well and good but who’s going to learn the ropes, look after it and update it? More considerations that a digital strategy takes care of.

We’re here to make your life easier, not more complicated. Considering these things upfront means that we don’t get carried away building big, new shiny things when a simpler solution is in fact the right route for you.

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Research & Testing

User first is a big buzz word in the world of tech, but for good reason. Understanding the people who will actually be using your products (this includes your website) is paramount to your success. Learning to think like them and create empathy is the best way to facilitate engagement. Make their lives easier, give them what they are looking for, delight them along the way and you’re onto a winner.

We conduct user research to determine what it is exactly that your audience is looking for and how they expect to interact with you. We test and audit existing products to understand where they could be improved to maximize value to your business. We create personas to allow your team to carry on the adventure and keep your customers front of mind when going about their day to day work.

You won’t always hear what you’d like to, sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow. We don’t sugar coat things but it’s all in the name of your success. There’s no room for egos so we leave those at the door and focus on who really matters… your paying customers.

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UX, UI & Design systems

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) take care of how your website or app flows, how the user moves from element to element, page to page, as well as how it looks. You can have the best content in the world but if your UX/UI is dodgy, you’ll make it impossible for your customers to find what they are looking for. We get just a few seconds to make a good impression so let’s make them count!

We’ve created digital designs and experiences for some of the biggest companies in the world and taught a new generation of designers the ropes. Taking complex content, requirements and restrictions to create something elegant and simple is a challenge we relish. Let’s work together to whip you up a digital experience like no other.

Technology moves at a stellar pace and the way that designs get built has changed. If you’re looking to future proof your design and build then a design system is for you. It’s a toolkit and set of rules that makes updating your website and branding crazy efficient and cost effective. Consider it an investment upfront for long term benefit, not for everyone, but worth it for the digital ballers.

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Website Development

Without the 1’s and 0’s of website code the physical functionality would fall flat and we love to bring a little oomph to your website. From basic business websites to full app development if you bring us an idea we’ll bring it to life.

With more then 50% of people looking at your site from a mobile device we always ensure that sites are built with mobility in mind, often custom creating a mobile version of your site for the best experience of the user, because in the end, usability is what matters most.

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If your new brand lacks soul, it lacks voice… Which makes it rather difficult to be heard.