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Inspiring change
and raising funds through storytelling,
for non-profits and social impact businesses.

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Not seeing the change you desire?

Try storytelling.

Stories evoke emotion, increase empathy and inspire people to take action.
And when you learn how to weave stories into your marketing efforts? 
Your audience becomes more invested in your mission.


Created for those organizations who are dedicated to creating positive change in the world.

Learn the 5-step process for:

  • Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, so you can connect more deeply with their hearts 
  • Shifting your messaging and using stories to inspire your audience to take action
  • Sharing about your nonprofit’s message in ways your audience resonates with.

Our free blueprint is for:

Feel like you’re not getting through to your audience, and/or seeing the change or receiving the funding you want and need.

The ones who’ve tried:

  • Shouting about their mission from the rooftops
  • Sharing on socials frequently and consistently
  • Mastering proposal/grant writing
  • Updating their branding
  • Updating their website
  • Writing endless amounts of content

… yet still know you haven’t reached your full impact potential.

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The human behind the guide

Hi and hello, I’m Maggie.

I’m the Founder of Moxie, an award-winning marketing strategist, and a certified somatic and executive coach.

For over two whole decades I’ve been supporting values driven businesses and nonprofits to grow their impact and income in ways that are aligned with their values, and respect and empower the people they serve.

My big and bold goal? 

To change how people interact and sell online. For marketing to be underpinned by kindness and consideration. For integrity to take precedence over quick wins.

This blueprint is a taste of how I’ve helped non-profits harness the magic that is storytelling, to shift their audience’s mindsets, inspire change and raise funds.

Ready to learn how to get more people invested in your mission, using the power of storytelling?

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WHAT Our Clients Are Saying

“Being in the process of starting a new business, I felt clueless about marketing and attracting customers. I attended a Moxie’s workshop and it has opened my eyes to strategies and has given me incredibly valuable current tools to start confidently. The Moxie team blew me away with their generosity of knowledge and casual professional approachable nature. Thank you ladies!”

– Shannon Gibson