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VIP Mountain Session

Let’s create an online marketing plan that makes a mark

Are You Ready?

My 1-on-1 strategy experience for entrepreneurs ready to take on their online marketing, and climb that mountain to success.

We’ll take the overwhelm out of your online marketing and give you an actionable plan to get you started and conquer the unknown of how to reach your customers.

ENTER: The VIP Mountain Session

You deserve to make your mark. And you can!

This session is for you if:

1. You’re passionate about your business and the impact it has.
2. You’re ready to make a change.
3. You’re truly ready to jump start your marketing and your business.
4. You’re unsure where to start.
5. You’re tired of paying for courses and books and reading manual after manual with out any results.

If you’re saying YES! Then the VIP Mountain Session was created just for you!

As an award winning marketing strategist,

I’ve got your back.

Here’s what you’ll get in my one day immersive session.
We’ll hop on a one hour call and outline:

Your struggles with online marketing;
Where you are now.
Where you want to be.
And HOW you’re going to get there.
We’ll discuss your ultimate customer and where they are in the online world.
We’ll talk about your social voice and why that’s important.
We’ll review your keywords and phrases.
And we’ll outline a basic plan.


Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more change than we imagined. Our obligation is to marketing we’re proud of.

– Seth Godin

Social Media Strategist Maggie Spizzirri

From there, I’ll dig in deep and create a marketing map custom to you.

Your jump start plan will include:

  • Three months of social media posts for two social media sites.
  • A social media strategy with tools that you can use to make your social posting a breeze instead of a day to day headache.
  • A solid direction for your online marketing strategy.
  • An on and off page search engine optimization (SEO) overview of your website and suggestions for improvement so that your customers can actually find your website.
  • A custom three month plan for all online marketing needs. ie. content marketing (blogs, and podcasts, and video, oh my!), email marketing, online ads and pay-per-click advertising (hello Search Engine Marketing/SEM and Google Adwords and what do I do about you?), affiliate marketing, and more).
  • Then, we’ll hop back on a one hour call at the end of the day and review your digital success plan and answer any questions you may have.
  • You’ll also get 1 month of support. I’ll answer any questions that you have to make so that you can implement your marketing faster and easier.

Invest in your business, don’t settle, make your mark. The road to your success is just a click away!

We’ll discuss the best steps forward so that you can grow your business with ease and make marketing easier and faster so that you can focus on what you do best.

Maggie has done wonderful work on both our social media marketing and with writing content for our blogs. She has excelled at creating catchy and upbeat stories for our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and their audience use has increased immensely. Additionally she has produced well written content articles monthly for two blogs for three years. She is a pleasure to work with, and has always been very positive. I would strongly recommend her.
Steve Badger, Owner, Canada RV Rentals and USA RV Rentals