Hey Adventure Seeker

I’m Maggie Spizzirri. I’m a passionate believer in the power of taking the first scary step to greatness. I love to help people and animals. I love marketing and adventure. I’m equally a snow and water enthusiast. I fully believe that without music life would be less. And I’m an entrepreneur.

When I started Moxie Marketing…

I had one client and had just changed every single aspect in my life on a hope and a dream. Today, I have a great base of clients who I love working with and believe in wholeheartedly (including that original client). I get to live a great life on my own terms while helping my clients achieve their dreams. There’s nothing better then that!

I believe…

…in Being in – all about passion, life is short, if someone is just kind of showing up it’s not worth it for them or for you.

…in Being real – authentic communication. Always.

…in Being bold – if we’re not failing a little bit, we’re not trying hard enough. Great cultures encourage risk and are tolerant of failure. If you don’t do that, you’re going to end up with a culture that is stagnant and not thinking about the next generation of capabilities and experiences.

Wondering how it all began?

Here’s my story. When dramatic things happen in your life you have two choices, sink or swim. After hitting rock bottom… again… I decided it was time to swim. The realization of how amazing life could be, finally, hit home and with a walloping punch. I knew that I wanted to help in some way. So I started Moxie Marketing.

Why Moxie?
The definition of Moxie is:
(a) vigor; verve; pep.
(b) courage and agressiveness; nerve.
(c) skill; know-how.

Moxie Marketing is a simple, clear name that suits the mindset and characteristics of what I want to become and how I was going to help people achieve their greatness. It took a lot of hard work. Hours of worry. Putting together the perfect everything. Then it hit me. All I had to do was start. Screw perfection. Just start. And that’s when everything started to happen.

Are you ready to #jointhemoxiemovement?

A bit of praise…